S4 B5, 2.7 Biturbo Stage 3, Base K04 Fueling Kit


For people who have already upgraded the turbos on their car with Borg Warner K04 turbo chargers and are ready to take the performance to the next level. This fueling kit comes with everything you need to maximize the new found flow of the K04's. The performance of this kit is matched only by it's smooth driveability, if you're ready to unleash the potential of your S4 this kit is a must.

Price: $2,199.00



Installation Difficulty

This fueling solution is proven to provide turn key amazing performance out of the box. You can expect 380-400whp on 93 octane.


  • [1] CNC 85mm MAF Housing for Stock Air Box
  • [1] RS4 MAF Hose
  • [2] MAF Hose Clamps
  • [6] Siemens 630cc/min, (60lb/min) Flow Matched Injectors
  • [4] Phenolic Fuel Rail Spacers
  • [4] Fuel Rail Stainless Hardware
  • [6] Bosch Platin F5DP0R Spark Plugs
  • [1] Coolant Temperature Sensor, Oring and Clip

Some specifics regarding our software:
  • The boost requests are re-mapped to deliver a quick 22psi peak to 21psi taper by redline. The 22psi is not sustained and occurs only at maximum requested load to get your vehicle moving.
  • Increased Ignition Timing for Better Performance
  • Redline is set to 7,100rpm vs. Stock 6,800rpm
  • Speed Limiter is Removed
  • Fuel Consumption Gauge is Recalibrated to the New Injector Flowrates
  • Check Engine Light (CEL) is not triggered when using test pipes
  • Multiple program versions available: 93 or 91 Octane, Airbox or Cold Air Intake and Exhaust Setup, please specify when ordering.

For the ulitimate in performance, a free flowing downpipe and catback system is necessary. We recommend our 3" Downpipes and TruDual225 Exhaust.

Please Note: This kit is for those who have a Hitachi MAF Sensor. If you do not have a Hitachi MAF Sensor please buy a Hitachi MAF Sensor & Wiring.

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